Every year when temperatures rise we see countless stories about dogs dying because they are left trapped in hot cars. Ketchum is trying to pass a new ordinance to help those animals.

It is a commonly held misconception that as long as the windows are down in the car, the car won't become as hot. This isn't the case! Not leaving your animals or children in the car should be common sense--to me anyway. Yet every year dogs and children die in hot cars.

Because the Ketchum Police average 10 calls per week regarding animals being left in hot vehicles, they conducted a study to determine how hot vehicles actually get during the summer. They scanned the interior of a vehicle that had been in the sun, in 84 degree weather, for an hour.

The front seat registered 141 degrees.

The Ketchum Police are hoping to pass a new ordinance that would give police the authority to remove endangered pets from vehicles.

I, for one, hope the ordinance is passed and more communities around Southern Idaho enact similar laws.

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