A Muslim walks into a gay bar and mows down 100 people.  Media covers it wall-to-wall until the narrative begins breaking down.  If you recall in the first days after the Orlando shooting, it was said Omar Mateen was divorced, a closet homosexual and the poster boy for gun control.  Then, apparently he wasn’t actually divorced.  His wife may have known of the killing spree.  Perhaps she helped with planning.  Then, she vanished.  Then, we learned Omar’s daddy had a TV show where he lobbied for killing homosexuals.  Suddenly, it wasn’t about guns but radical Islam.  The media imposed a blackout on the story.  So much so that when old man Mateen showed up at a Hillary Clinton rally and endorsed her it barely made headlines.

Gerardo Mora/Getty Images
Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Seddique Mir Mateen sat beaming behind Hillary at a rally not far from where the attack took place.  He kept smiling as she offered condolences to the families of the dead.  Later, he bragged to reporters about his invitation to the event and his love for the Democrats and the party’s standard bearer.

Rush Limbaugh asked what media coverage would be like if the father of Dylann Roof showed up at a Trump gathering.  We already know the answer.  Some months ago former Klansman David Duke endorsed Trump.  The rabid lefties in mainstream media demanded the Republican nominee for President denounce the white nationalist.  Then, they claimed Trump didn’t denounce Duke quickly enough.

Media bias isn’t a secret.  In the past, bovines along the lines of Candy Crowley at CNN claimed it was accidental after deep sixing a Republican.  Now, the fellow travelers aren’t even making excuses.  Never mind the daily revelations about the Clinton Crime Foundation.  Their girl promises more infanticide, spending the country into oblivion and confiscation of privately owned firearms.

Last week, the wretches of the left maintained Donald Trump actually believed President Obama literally created ISIS.  Trump was speaking about the President’s dithering allowing ISIS to metastasize, but drooling mainstream media couldn’t let such a juicy opportunity to pass.  When Trump replies by saying the media lies, they gloat because the fellow travelers see no consequences.

I’m reminded of the destruction of a conservative candidate in 2012.  One of Rick Santorum’s surrogates told MSDNC’s Andrea Mitchell an aspirin between the knees was a good method for preventing unwanted pregnancy.  Mitchell immediately worked to portray the statement as coming from a dolt who actually believed aspirin was pregnancy protection.  Just who was the gold darned nitwit?  Are you telling me Mitchell had never heard of this old saying?  Then she shouldn’t be in the business!  Of course, even if she knew better this was a golden opportunity for the MSDNC host to openly campaign for her Lord and Savior Barack Hussein Obama.

Unlike your doctor or lawyer or mechanic, you can’t sue media for malpractice.  The members of this leftist cabal can’t be jailed for gross negligence or for committing crimes on the scale of a Kermit Gosnell.  Keep in mind media had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the courthouse when Gosnell was on trial for killing children in his house-of-horrors.  In liberal land, it was best to ignore the chilling details because otherwise it would shed light on the abomination known as abortion.  When a crusading team of Christians uncovered a similar holocaust at Planned Parenthood, media spouted Democrat Party talking points.  Never mind the Christians used investigative techniques honed by mainstream media.  When the Christians were charged, media ballyhooed the pro-lifers possible fate behind bars.  When the Christians were cleared there was media silence.

Unlike the Christians, it’s clear your average media liberal has no fear of God or an afterlife.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be seeing such deviousness and bald faced lies cloaked as a need to save the country from the dastardly Trump.  If this is what mainstream media has become, then the country is beyond salvation.

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