Are we afraid to talk about serious threats to our futures?  Some years ago, I was broadcasting at a gun safe sale when a woman approached me and told me we had once met.  As she explained, I had visited her church and sat one row behind her.  With such an opening, I believed we were going to have a polite discussion.  Then, she started berating me for depressing her when she listened to the radio.  It was a few days after a show where I devoted a lengthy segment to debt issues and a conversation with economist Gerald Celente.

The country is tattered and fraying at the edges. Courtesy, Bill Colley.
The country is tattered and fraying at the edges. Courtesy, Bill Colley.

Yes, it’s true.  Not all the news is good news and by a media definition news is always bad.  As Andy Rooney once said, “A man walking down the street who doesn’t get hit on the head by a falling piano isn’t news!”  Yesterday, I listened to a radio show online where the host devoted 20 minutes to cargo shorts.  Are the pants out of style and when you wear them is your wife trying to avoid being seen with you in public?  I know that topic was driven by a consultant who claims controversy isn’t saleable.  An old program director of mine works at a radio station in Delaware where the talk hosts ask audiences if anyone saw the rainbow the previous day.  I’d rather sell shirts than engage in such lightweight drivel.

Our apocalyptic discussion from this morning is contained in the video below:

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