Twin Falls Distillery has been working on getting their vodka made and available on local store shelves. This week it has officially become available at all Twin Falls liquor store locations.

Information About Twin Falls Distillery

Twin Falls Distillery is owned and operated by Chris Pickett who has been an engineer for years. The distillery is located on 2nd Ave and, as of right now, you can't go in to the store yet to purchase alcohol. However, you can purchase bottles at any local liquor store.

Information About "Craft Vodka"

The first product they have made is called "Craft Vodka". It is made from potatoes grown by local farmers. Chris Pickett plans on ensuring all products used to create the spirits are locally sourced in some way. The vodka is said to be smooth with a unique flavor. Potato vodka is always a good vodka in my opinion.

What Else Is Coming From Twin Falls Distillery

They are trying to start the process of whiskey and bourbon. Obviously, those can't be cranked out quickly because there is an aging process behind it. However, sooner rather than later Pickett hopes to play with flavored vodkas and even gins. Hopefully soon he will be able to host tours, sell from his locations, and more.

I am super excited to see what comes next. And I know I am not the only one thinking that if he is going to try flavored vodkas, huckleberry needs to be on the top of the list.

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