After a news story that ran yesterday about Robbie Knievel and his desire to try to jump the Snake River Canyon, local officials finally heard from him.  The story indicated that Knievel had expressed a desire to attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, something that his father, Evel Knievel, failed to do back in 1974.  But after expressing his plan last May to attempt the jump over the 4th of July, nothing more was heard from the younger Knievel.  Until yesterday.  The Times News reports today that  Knievel spokesman Jeff Lowe contacted Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Shawn Barrigar and said Knievel still wanted to jump the canyon but due to red tape in the matter progress to make that happen has been slow.  After a conversation with Barrigar it now looks like the attempt  may be targeted for September 11th of this year.  Lowe said there is a lot of ground work to do between now and then but that’s the current target.

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