There comes a time in all our lives when we have to learn how to deal when things don't go our way. That time has not come for this koala.

This marsupial loses his mind when he loses a power struggle with another koala for the right to sit in a tree. That's a lotta losing, right?

According to the YouTube description, the battle for the prime real estate had to do with finding that special someone:

Welcome to a glimpse of what it is like living amongst a wild koala population during mating season! Mating and territory fighting is a regular occurrence during this time of season, and their sounds are terrifying!

But just listen to the bear. He's reaching a pitch that makes you want to buy and wear not one, but two, Bose noise-canceling headphones.

And he doesn't give up, either. He tries and fails again to get in the tree and then lets out another wail that we can only assume is the animal kingdom's version of the little brother kicking and screaming "MOMMMMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!" after his big brother takes away his toy.

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