I don't want this story to come off as a Debbie-Downer post, but it will until the end. So stick around. If you have ever driven on Blue Lakes in Twin Falls during any afternoon hour I would challenge you to say it is a nice drive. If you have ever had your wheels damaged by a pothole or had a drink spill from the unexpected bump in the road, I'd again challenge you to say it was a nice ride. If you have to daily slam on your brakes in traffic on Washington or Shoshone streets because of inattentive drivers and those who refuse to use their blinkers, can you say that is a good place to drive? Have you ever had to wait for a train in south Twin falls? Case and point there. Despite all the things we can complain about, WalletHub has us ranked in the top 10 best places to drive in the United States.

Source: WalletHub

They based the ranking on four categories and Idaho did well in two of them and terrible in the other two. WalletHub says our traffic and infrastructure is great and our safety is also pretty good. Our access to vehicles and maintenance along with the cost for both is bottom tier. Some might say our roads are so bad that they'd rather play driving the streets in a video game than actually drive on them. We even have a pretty comprehensive list of Idaho driving habits that need to be left in the past. Quite a few of our Twin Falls 2021 resolutions involve being better and nicer drivers.

So, how can this post not be considered a Debbie-Downer story? For one, we did way better that Utah did and that's always a plus. The other reason is that I think they got the end results right but used the wrong methodology. Idaho is a great place to drive because it is beautiful. Plain and simple, most of us don't judge how nice our drive was based on how much it cost us but by how we felt and what we saw. When you drive through Idaho you feel and see so many amazing things. Also, since I put all the bad stuff at the front of the story maybe it scared off a Californian who was planning to come here. Just kidding, Cali folks, go ahead and come here. Full disclosure though, we don't know how to park our cars.

Proof That We Don't Know How To Park

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