Former Bellevue Mayor and Ex-Wife Found Dead
The Hailey Police department is confirming that 55-year-old Jon Anderson and his ex-wife, Linda Vaughn, were found dead this morning in their Bellevue home.
A caretaker found the bodies.  Police say at this point they are treating the case as a murder-suicide...
American Thinker This Week 4/7/11
American Thinker editor Larrey Anderson discusses "The Hillary 2012 Issue",   Idaho Senate votes to give Republican party $100,000 legal fee reimbursement, and the acomplishments/disappointments of the 2011 Idaho Legislature.
Top Story Podcast 2/24/11: Obama’s Friend In Libya
President Barack Obama won't directly criticize president Gaddafi of Libya for his harsh treatment of protesters because...well, he and Gaddafi go back a long way and they have some common friends.  Read more
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