New Study Suggests That Some of us May Be Cat Whisperers
Do you think that you are a cat whisperer? I'll admit that I've always had a fondness for cats and always connected with them and then I got my little kitty Boo 17 years ago and I always felt that I knew what he was thinking for the most part and always had an idea of what he wanted from m…
Wolf Service Animals
Anyone that has stayed in the hospital for a long period of time knows that service dogs can be extremely useful for lifting moods. When choosing a breed for a service dog I would think anything with WOLF in it would be out of the question.
Should Circus's Be Banned?
As a child I loved going to the circus. I thought the elephants were amazing, the ladies were beautiful and clowns were funny. But not all kids love the circus.
Stuffed Animal Replicas
Look, I love my dog. I consider her a member of the family, but I don't think I would spend $199 to have a stuffed replica made of her. Would you?
Pet Birthday Parties [POLL]
New trend alert! Apparently, people are having Birthday parties for their animals. Especially on milestone Birthdays like the 1st Birthday, the 13th Birthday and the 16th Birthday.
Elmore County Couple Charged With Animal Abuse
On January 28th, state investigators seized nine animals -- seven horses and two donkeys -- from Craig and Rebecca Deppen’s farm, about 15 miles west of Mountain Home. The animals were taken to Emmett for care. Court records show that the couple face nine counts of misdemeanor permit…