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How Much Did You Spend On School Supplies?
Ten years ago you could probably buy your children's school supplies for under $40. If you use coupons and shop at 3 or 4 stores you might be able to buy your children's school supplies for under $40 this year. However, most Twin Falls parents report spending between $60 to $100 per c…
School Supply Lists
The first official day of school for Twin Falls schools is August 18th, 2016. Here's your handy list of school supplies for Twin Falls area schools.
When Should School Start ?
The first few weeks of school can be rough. The days are long, your kids don't want to go to bed before 9pm, and you don't want to wake them up at 6:30am. This begs the question: Is it just hard for the kids to wake up for the first few weeks, or does school start too early?
School Supply Lists
With Twin Falls schools starting earlier this year, the first day of school is going to be here before you know it. If you want to avoid sell outs, it's time to get school supply shopping.
McCash For Kids
Hundreds of Magic Valley children struggle with being able to afford essential school supplies. But you can help! We're trading Big Macs for backpacks at McCash for Kids 2015!
Top 5 1st Day of School Rules
The first day of school can be overwhelming for students, especially if you are a freshman, first grader or kindergartner. There are a lot of unknowns.

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