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Black Friday Ads
I hope you have been doing your box jumps and burpees because Black Friday is NEXT WEEK!
Does Christmas Shopping Count As Exercise?
The whole holiday season is not normally considered a time of healthy food and exercise - that's probably why the majority of us make a new year resolution to lose weight! But there is a ray of sunshine in the chaos of the holidays - you walk around a lot. Does Christmas shopping count as exerc…
Do You Buy Gifts For Yourself?
Let's be honest...we never plan on buying stuff for ourselves while we are Christmas shopping. But if you see the "perfect jacket" and its HALF OFF! You have to buy it, right?
Cyber Monday Deals in the Magic Valley
The biggest shopping day of the year has once again passed us by--but wait!--online retailers are now offering their biggest deals of the season for one day only! So fire up your broadband connection and warm up the credit cards because it's Cyber Monday!
Black Friday Deals in the Magic Valley
The biggest shopping day of the year is once again upon us, and retailers are offering some of the biggest discounts of the season for one day only. Gear up for the day after Thanksgiving, and set your shopping carts for stun!
7 Survival Strategies to Having a Happy Black Friday
You have your Black Friday ads. You know when the stores open. You even know the most dangerous toys being sold this year. You, sir or madam, are ready to shop.
Or are you? Here are a few more suggestions to make your Black Friday buying excursions go as smoothly as possible

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