Top Story Podcast 7/8/11
Top Story Podcast 7/8/11: First hour - Casey Anthony, the regular citizen, Gooding Airport, Steve Crump.  Second hour -  Kids under 14 working in schools.  Read more

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Steve Crump On Top Story 4/8/11
Times-News Opinion Editor Steve Crump will give us his take on the firing of Rep. Leon Smith of Twin Falls from his committee chair position: The Magic Valley "water deal": and some interesting Magic Valley history.
Steve Crump is the Times-News Opinion editor...
Top Story Podcast 2/11/11: President Trump?
Top Story Podcast 2/11/11: First Hour: State vs Cities and Sales Tax Revenues, Steve Crump. Second Hour: President Trump? He says he's interested. Egypt Coverage.
The state legislature may want to dip into local sales tax revenues.  Is it time to cut city government too or should the state …