election day

Science in the Magic Valley
This year Halloween and Election Day are just as frightening for many in Idaho.  For the more mild mannered there are two events taking place at the Herrett Center on the campus of the College of Southern Idaho.
A Power Grab in Idaho? (Opinion)
On Election Day most people can easily pick between candidates because they’ve formed opinions about the people they’ve seen and/or met.  Ballot issues are another matter.
Hurricane Hillary Destroys America (Opinion)
Just over 3 weeks to the potential of Hurricane Hillary is unleashed on the United States.  Clinton promises to erase borders and to give voters everything for free.  Impossible?  Of course but in politics the promise takes a backseat to the power...
Who is Evan McMullin? (Opinion)
The media joke is who is Evan McMullin?  He’s a conservative recruited to stop Donald Trump.  McMullin could win Utah and brags he may take Idaho on Election Day.  After watching his performance on Neil Cavuto’s program on Fox I shared some concerns and…
A Redundant Election? (Opinion)
For many Idaho Republicans, the real Election Day was last week.  As many in the GOP face token or no opposition in November, it’s now just a long wait to take office in January.  We spoke this morning with the dean of Idaho journalism, Randy Stapilus, about the primary and…