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Newest Section of the Twin Falls Tail System to Open Friday
More than a mile long section of new Canyon Rim Trail system is set to open to the public Friday in Twin Falls. According to City Spokesperson Josh Palmer, the walking and biking public will be able to go past the Evel Knievel jump site to the west to access the new 1.6 mile connector trail.
Check Out These 5 Weird Evel Knievel Items On Ebay
If you live in Twin Falls, you either love Evel Knievel or you hate him. If you were around Twin when he attempted the Snake River Canyon jump, you probably tired of hearing his name. However, it's hard not to laugh at some of the weird Evel Knievel stuff you can currently find on Ebay. He…
5 Reasons To Be Super Happy In Twin Falls
We realize that there are some real negative things that have been in the news lately about Twin Falls and the Magic Valley region. But, guess what? We're super happy people. In fact, we're so freaking happy about living in Twin Falls we have to tie our legs to the ground to keep from flying off int…
The 10 Most Twin Falls Things To Do
People that aren't from Twin Falls just don't understand. We do things here that aren't done other places. Or, if they're done other places, they aren't done with as much style as we do in Twin. Sorry other places, but the truth hurts. Here are the 10 most Twin Falls things …

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