Faulkner Planetarium

Science in the Magic Valley
This year Halloween and Election Day are just as frightening for many in Idaho.  For the more mild mannered there are two events taking place at the Herrett Center on the campus of the College of Southern Idaho.
Faulkner Planetarium Expands Summer Schedule
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (News Release) – The Faulkner Planetarium has expanded its schedule of shows from now until Labor Day. Effective immediately, there are 22 showings a week. Starting June 14, that will increase to 26 opportunities to take in a show each week.
Pics Of The Magic Valley Night Sky (PHOTOS)
One of the nice benefits of living in Idaho is having clear and big skies that are somewhat pollution-free. It also helps that our neighborhood is relatively dark at night. All of those factors add up to a great place to go star gazing.