2014 Free Fishing Days In The Magic Valley
Some people use the warm weather as an excuse to stay inside with the cold air blowing non-stop. Others use this time of year to get outside and enjoy nature...which can also be relaxing and fun. Here is a free way to get outside with your family and learn to fish and maybe catch dinner.
100,000 Fish Die in Nevada
Approximately 100,000 fish died, according to ABC and AP, over the last month in a northern Nevada marina.  This is a conservative estimate for the amount of trout, bass, and catfish that have mysteriously gone belly up.
5 Cute Kids Catching Their First Fish [VIDEOS]
Give a kid a fish and he probably won’t eat it (fish are yucky!), but teach a kid to fish and he just might have one of the most mind-bending experiences of his cute little life. See, here’s the thing about fishing: When it works, it’s crazy, especially if you’ve never caught a fish before. What’s t…
Mysterious Fish Eats An Entire Live Duck
I am not going to say that there is a Loch Ness Monster or that I believe in Bigfoot - but sometimes it is hard to explain things that actually happen close to where you live. Like this video of a mysterious fish that eats an entire live duck!
Propositions 1, 2, 3, Results
!!Unofficial Results!!
S.J.R. 102 (Management of Felony Probation Cases)
NON      YES         380,795                 74.6%
NON      NO    …
New Deal Reached for Fish Conservation
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Officials with the Nature Conservancy say they have reached an agreement to protect more than 1,600 acres critical to protecting fish and restoring stream flows in the Pashimeroi River. The conservation group announced the deal late last month to set aside land at Big Creek…
Drought Declared in Blaine County
HAILEY, Idaho (AP) - The Idaho Department of Water Resources has declared a drought emergency in Blaine County in central Idaho.      Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter signed the order on July 16.     Agency Director Gary Spackman says the order w…
Flows Over Falls Up
(KLIX)- If you’ve been down to the Snake River in the last week or so you may have noticed flows are up. Mike Bues with the Bureau of Reclamation says flows peaked a little early this year. In April they had a significant reversal from near average to the low side...
ATV Bill Advances To Idaho Senate Floor
(AP)  A bill that would curtail the Idaho Fish and Game department's authority to regulate all-terrain vehicle hunting privileges on Idaho trails is advancing to the Senate floor. The Senate Resources Committee voted 5-4 Wednesday to pass the measure, despite agency objections.
Fish For Money?
(AP) Idaho Power's attempt to determine the success of its fish stocking program in the Snake River could lead to cash for some lucky anglers. The company releases about 42,000 rainbow trout of at least 10 inches each year as part of its license agreement to operate 17 hydroelectric power plant…
Idaho House Committee Debates Hunters Using ATVs
(AP) -Debate will continue today over whether the Idaho Department of Fish and Game should be able  to dictate where ATV-mounted hunters can pursue big game. The House Resources Committee is considering a bill that would strip the agency's authority to limit hunting from vehicles to establ…
Eastern Idaho Man Catches Record Breaking Trout
It was a fight…man-against-fish. Pocatello angler Mark Adams won and caught himself one heck of a fish story.  The rainbow trout Adams pulled from the depths of American Falls Reservoir weighed in at 34.74 pounds, according to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, breaking an old state …