Wow Bao Restaurant Open In Twin Falls
This is a pretty unique restaurant that is open now in Twin Falls. Wow Bao operates out of Sizzler and is a delivery only option. The franchise operates in locations all over the United States and it looks pretty delicious.
Shake Out In Twin Falls Officially Reopened
After a long time of waiting and a lot of work, the Shake Out in Twin Falls is officially back open for business. Their first official day open was Tuesday, June 30th and they will be having a grand opening event next week.
We Spend Around $30,000 On Snacks Throughout Our Life
I'm a huge fan of snacks rather than actually going home and cooking a meal. In fact, I'd much rather just eat a cheese stick or chips and dip instead of going through the hassle of prepping a meal and cooking something then having to deal with the clean up as well.

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