These Are The 8 Active Hate Groups In Idaho
It's not all potatoes and unicorn hugs in our great state. Honestly I'm surprised that there are any actual 'hate groups' in Idaho at all. Sure, there are angry and hateful people all around us, but these are actual organized groups of hate.
The Ten Worst Things About The Holidays
Supposedly, Christmas is a time of pure happiness and love...but in reality there are a few things that we hate about the holidays. Especially when family comes to visit! Here are the ten worst things about the holidays.
Authorities Bracing for neo-Nazi Concert
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho authorities say the Boise mayor's office is fielding numerous complaints about a neo-Nazi music festival planned for early October. A Boise Police Department sergeant says authorities have been on alert since advertisements for Hammerfest 2012 surfaced online...