Is Boise The Next Hollywood?
More and more filmmakers are finding that Boise is a great place to make movies. One of those filmmakers is set to release his film before the end of the year.
Commentary: The Day Christ and Faith Died
My niece is 24 years old and I suspect she doesn’t like me telling people about her long past fondness for a purple dinosaur.  When I would go visit family when she was just a little girl she would be filled with life and as rambunctious as any typical 3-year old, which is to sa…
The Real Names Of Your Favorite Celebrities
This may come as a surprise to you - but sometimes celebrities don't use their real names. But I would never do that to you - my real name is Nate Bird. There is a pretty long list of stars in Hollywood though who have fooled us for years. Here are the real names of your favorite celebrities.