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Robo-Calls Could Be Stealing Your Identity [INFOGRAPHIC]
The Federal Trade Commission says robo-calls are the number one consumer complaint they receive, and these types of calls are on the rise. Experts warn that this kind of call is an early step in a phone fraud scheme that can lead to identity theft. Here's how it works.
Beware Identity Theft
I have been the victim of hackers on two occasions: my debit card was stolen during the huge Target fiasco, and just last night... by my 6 year old son.
Idaho GOP State Rep. Blasts State Government Deal-Making
State Rep. Judy Boyle represents the Midvale area.  She is also on the House Education Committee.  Her "Letter to the Editor" today is going to raise some eyebrows at the State Capital as she blasts the Otter administration for "crony capitalism in action...