Commentary: Radio’s Premature Obituary
Some months ago I came across this story about YouTube in the pages of the Wall Street Journal.  No question YouTube is a phenomenon and democratized media.  On average I probably watch YouTube a dozen times a day.  I’ve also been hearing for the last few years the vid…
Top Ten Most Important Inventions Of The Last 100 Years
It really is impressive to look back at the great inventions of our time. It is even more impressive to look at how quickly some of the greatest inventions were replaced by better technology. What do you think was the greatest invention of the last 100 years?
Top 5 Tech Gadgets That Will Be Gone In 5 Years
Technology is a beast! It seems like we have a new, awesome, and useful technological advancement every day...but that usually means the end of some of our old favorite technology. Here are the top 5 tech gadgets that will be gone in 5 years.
Ketchum Says Good Bye to Public Internet
KETCHUM, Idaho (AP) — The Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency has voted to end its free wireless Internet system. The Idaho Mountain Express reports that the agency on Monday voted to end the wireless network started in the fall of 2007. Ketchum Community and Economic Development Director Lisa Horowi…
Idaho Internet “Slowest” In The Nation

Residents of the remote and sparsely populated state of Idaho likely won't be surprised to learn that the state has been ranked last in a national study of Internet speeds.  The New York Times reports that even though Idaho has more than 11 federal funded projects under way to establish high-speed b…