Lawrence Wasden

A Power Grab in Idaho? (Opinion)
On Election Day most people can easily pick between candidates because they’ve formed opinions about the people they’ve seen and/or met.  Ballot issues are another matter.
Grant Loebs on Top Story
Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs is in an enviable position.  He has no opposition on Election Day.  He still takes time from his schedule and pays a monthly visit to Top Story.  He sheds light on some of the biggest legal news in the country and fields questions from the audi…
Deputies Cleared in Jack Yantis Killing (Opinion)
A segment of the public has a lynch mob mentality when a white man is killed by law enforcers.  Lack of evidence be darned.  We spent a big chunk of today’s Top Story today talking about the Jack Yantis shooting.  The Attorney General went to great lengths to issue cop…