Idaho Man Convicted of Murder
LEWISTON, Idaho (AP / KBOI2) — A federal grand jury in northern Idaho has indicted a 37-year-old Lapwai man on one count of first-degree murder.
Idaho Man Bitten By Rattlesnake At Wal-Mart Store
Mica Craig was shopping in the outdoor garden department of a Wal-Mart in Lewiston when he thought
he saw a stick lying in the aisle. He reached down to pick it up, and discovered his mistake when the stick - which was actually a rattlesnake - latched onto …
Idaho Artist Sculpts Arnold
A 9-foot-tall clay sculpture of Arnold Schwarzenegger designed by an Idaho Artist  has received the final nod from the former governor, actor, and body builder. The former California visited northern Idaho Wednesday to suggest a few modifications to the sculpture that is destined to stand in a …