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$15 an Hour? For What? (Opinion)
I like eating out but I don’t enjoy it when the service is poor.  Yesterday on Facebook I mentioned an experience eating at a local restaurant near where I live.  Most people replied it’s a good stop and clearly affordable and I had a mixed experience...
California’s Loss Idaho’s Gain
California will likely have a new minimum wage law by the end of this weekend.  The Governor is expected to sign the legislation as early as Friday night.  For Democrats in the Golden State this is a short term victory on two fronts.  Long term it’s a boon for neighbor…
Minimum Wage Ban Moves Forward in Idaho Legislature
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho legislators are moving forward with a measure that would ban local governments from increasing the minimum wage. House Bill 463 prohibits local governments from instituting ordinances to raise the minimum wage, while banning similar ballot initiatives.