Should Energy Drinks Be Banned From Teens?
Energy drinks are everywhere, especially at High Schools. I know several high school students that drink 2 or 3 energy drinks EVERY day. I'm defiantly not against caffeine. I'm almost positive I wouldn't survive without my morning coffee and my afternoon soda. I've tried energy drinks as a substitut…
Should Men Shave Their Back Hair [POLL]
Let's talk about fairness in our world today. Women are expected/required to shave basically everything except their heads while men are allowed to look like Sasquatch or lumber jacks. Is it fair?
Local High School Dress Code
Several students, like the one pictured to the left, have been sent to the office of the Twin Falls High School due to violations of the dress code. But are they violations at all?
Western Days Kicks Off Friday!
Twin Falls Western Days starts Friday, May30th and ends Sunday, June 1st. Western Days will consist of many different fun events for the entire family.
Twin Falls Favorite Burger, Fries, Pizza and More [results]
America is a wonderful place for fast food options. A recent poll was taken that noted Americas favorite fast food stops. After living in the Twin Falls area for nearly 30 years, I've noticed that we like to buck the trend when it comes to food so I made a local poll that you took and here are …
Who Will Win The Big Game?
I truly thought that San Fransisco was going to be in the big game this year, even though Seattle had bet San Francisco earlier in the season. No matter how much I wanted San Francisco to be in the Super Bowl its... Denver and Seattle.
Is Catching Fire A Chick Flick?
Tonight's the night! Catching Fire is being released. Most of the people going to the premier tonight are females, but I know several husbands that have a slight interest in the movie. Like the rest of us they want to know what happens to Katniss and Peeta.Other men would argue that the movie i…
Idaho Voting Guide
(KLIX) - The 2012 General Elections are Tuesday Nov. 6th and if you have not voted yet and need a little guidance hit the link: www.idahovotes.gov . The information is provided by the Idaho Secretary of State's office.
Tough Test for Education Reforms
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A new poll of statewide voters shows Idaho's new education laws are facing a tough test at the ballot box next month. The Idaho Statesman poll released Sunday shows there is even lukewarm support for the three public school propositions among Republicans...

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