Emergency Appeal Filed To Stop Rhoades Execution
The attorneys for condemned Idaho inmate Paul Ezra Rhoades have filed an emergency appeal to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court in hopes of staving off the execution set for Friday morning. In a 33-page brief to the court, Oliver Loewy and the other attorneys with the Federal Defenders of Idaho reiterated R…
No Stay Of Execution
A federal magistrate judge has denied a stay of execution for convicted killer Paul Ezra Rhoades. The 43-page decision from Magistrate Judge Ronald Bush came down late Monday afternoon.
Prep Continues For Rhoades Execution
Paul Ezra Rhoades sits across the hallway from the room in which he is scheduled to die in less than a  month. His isolation cell is quiet as a worker brings in a tray of medicine. The death chamber is silent, save for the faint hum of fluorescent lights...