Castaway’s Bones May Belong to Amelia Earhart After All, Scientists Say
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – New evidence recently discovered during an evaluation of the bones of an unknown castaway have scientists thinking they may belong to Amelia Earhart. It has not been confirmed if the bones, found on the island of Nikumaroro in 1940,  are indeed Earhart’s, but scientists say there are strong similarities between the arm bones of the unknown castaway and those of the famou
Idaho to Delay Submitting New Science Standards
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — State officials say new K-12 science standards — which include for the first time references to global warming and the Big Bang Theory — won't be submitted to the Idaho Legislature until 2018 after receiving a surprise rejection from lawmakers earlier this year.
Commentary: Confession of a Bitter Clinging Climate Denier
I was a climate denier until six weeks ago.  Then the leaves on the trees changed from green to yellow and began falling to the ground.  Now there are few leaves left on the trees.  Some bitter clingers might even suggest this a sign from above (should above be capitalized if you’re a bitter clinger...
Commentary: The Jetson’s Have Arrived
I want one.  Maybe two.  I think the radio station could use this for remote broadcasts.  I fly into the mountains, turn on my microphone and off we go.  Some things in the future are worth waiting for.

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