Juul To End Advertising in US
Local stores like Walmart have already stated they're no longer selling flavored e-cigarettes, but now you won't be seeing them advertised while you're watching the news KTVB or the Bachelor anymore either.

What Business Will STOP Selling Cigarettes in 2014
This seems like it could be a huge blow to the tobacco industry, but haven't we all wondered why PHARMACY'S sell tobacco products. They are suppose to be, the place you go to improve your health. Right?
CVS is now trying to prove that they care about your health! According to The Washington Post, CVS…
Track Idaho Wildfire Smoke
The haze is thick over the Magic Valley due to the numerous wildfires burning in the west. Idaho's Department of Environmental Quality allows you to track where the smoke is coming from, air quality conditions, and offers health and safety tips.

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