Idaho Facts That Prove It’s The Best State Of All
There are a lot of interesting facts about Idaho and if you talk to an Idahoan, chances are they have told you over and over again how amazing it is to live here and visit here. We have some facts that show just how awesome Idaho is in comparison to others because Idaho just does things better
If Each State Had an Official Word, This Would Be It
This is interesting. Slate came up with official words or slang terms that help define each state. Some of them make sense and others seem to have make no sense at all.
cattywampus (adjective): crooked, tipped over, sideways, crazy, messed up
Who came up with this cattywampus campaign slogan?
Former State Senator Asked for Sex in Capital Office
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Police records show former Republican state Sen. John McGee was accused of propositioning a female aide for sex and making other unwanted advances inside his Idaho Capitol office. The woman gave her account of the February encounters to State Police detectives...
Flags Fly at Half Staff
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho plans to fly flags at state government buildings at half-staff through Sunday, to honor a firefighter and a soldier who were recently killed in the line of duty.
City Drops Texting Ban-State Will Take Over
(KLIX)- The city of Twin Falls led the charge against texting while driving. It passed the first ever ordinance in the state to target drivers who sent a text message while driving. Several other cities in the state pondered the idea and then state legislators decided to write one of their own...
Drug Company Pays Settlement to Idaho
(KLIX)-The state of Idaho has gotten a settlement check from the makers of the drug Vioxx. The Idaho Attorney General’s office announced Merck paid the state a little more than $285-thousand dollars in a settlement. The suit settled allegations that Merck marketed Vioxx for uses not …
Leavitt Executed-Dead at 10:25am
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho prison officials say convicted killer Richard Leavitt was calm and meeting with his attorneys and a few visitors on the day before his execution. KTVB reports prison officials declared Leavitt dead at 10:25 a...
State of the State’s Money
BOISE, Idaho (AP) - A big mortgage settlement that benefited Idaho helped push state revenue in May to $33.7 million ahead of projections with just one month of the fiscal year to go. The state got a $13.3 million share of the historic $25 billion settlement with Bank of America, Citi, J...
State Will Sell Five Wives Vodka After All
BOISE, Idaho (AP) - The Idaho State Liquor Division on Wednesday reversed direction in the face of a lawsuit and says it will sell Five Wives Vodka. The agency in a state that's more than 25 percent Mormon last week rejected the product with an unmistakable reference to polygamy and a label wit…
House Passes Raise For State Workers
House lawmakers supported a 2 percent, across-the-board pay hike for state workers, while lamenting not having more for employees who've seen their wages cut nearly every year since the 2008 recession.
Idaho Employers Ignoring State Reporting Law
Most Idaho employers don't comply with a law requiring them to report new hires to the state Department of Labor within 20 days, making it harder for officials to track things like overpaid unemployment benefits and deadbeat parents who owe child support...

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