Labrador Fights Federal Land Grab in Idaho
Outsiders may be surprised to learn the federal government owns two-thirds of Idaho.  There is also discussion the government in Washington, D.C. is looking to even swallow up more land from the state.  Congressman Raul Labrador joined us today and explained with much of the land in his di…
The Five Hardest Places to Turn Left in Twin Falls
Here are five places in Twin Falls where it's nearly impossible to turn left. Comment and let us know what we should add to the list.
Any left-turn out of the mall
These could easily count as multiple locations but since they're all in the same general area, we decided to lump them into…
Tracking How Government Spends Each Dollar
There may be more than a few political junkies who also have a desire to hold on to their own money.  Perhaps this app featured on the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal would be of assistance.  As the writer explains it allows a user to track what their state and federal legislators…
Taco John's Opening in Twin Falls
We just announced that Popeye's fast food restaurant is planning to open in Twin Falls. Apparently, Taco Johns is also planning on opening in Twin Falls next to Panda Express on Washington road.

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