How fast would your car reach on a deserted stretch of Nevada highway? Two guys from Arizona just hit a speed that would make Indy 500 drivers envious.

There is an event known as the Nevada Open Road Challenge. It's legal (we think) and happens annually around this time of year. The Road Less Traveled website has some interesting background on this spectacle.

The Arizona Daily Star chronicled this mighty automotive feat this week where two guys maintained an average speed of over 219 mph. Note that's "averaged" and not "reached". That tops the previous world record of 217 mph.

News 3 out of Las Vegas reported that this year's event was held on Highway 318 in rural eastern Nevada. That's this remote area located just west of the Nevada/Utah border.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Word is that 5 guys have died in this event in the past, so this is one time in your life when you don't want a deer or elk (or squirrel) to run out in front of you.

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