America is a wonderful place for fast food options. A recent poll was taken that noted Americas favorite fast food stops. After living in the Twin Falls area for nearly 30 years, I've noticed that we like to buck the trend when it comes to food so I made a local poll that you took and here are the results.

I left the national results so you can compare Twin Falls with national trends.  There ARE some similarities.

1. Best burger (National): Wendy's classic burger.

  • Best burger (Twin Falls Area):  Burger Stop... Five Guys was a close second.

2. Best pizza(National): Papa John's.

  • Best pizza (Twin Falls Area): Maxies

3. Best fries(National): McDonald's.

  • Best fries (Twin Falls Area):  McDonalds, by a landslide

4. Best chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets(National): Chick-fil-A.

  • Best chicken sandwich and nuggets (Twin Falls Area): Chick-fil-A.

5. Best donut(National): Krispy Kreme.

  • Best donut (Twin Falls Area):  Krispy Kreme.

6. Best breakfast(National): McDonald's

  • Best Breakfast (Twin Falls Area):  Buffalo Cafe took the most votes but McDonalds is the top fast food breakfast of choice.  (The survey was specific to fast food joints.)

7. Best hangover food(National): Chipotle.

  • Best Hangover food (Twin Falls Area):  Depot Grill was clear winner with McDonalds a solid #2... followed by "home."

8. Best Mexican food(National): Chipotle.

  • Best Mexican food (Twin Falls Area):  Garibaldi's was #1.  Keeping in the "fast food" spirit, Taco Bell and Cafe' rio tied for #2, making a two way tie for first fast food choice.

9. Best healthy option(National): Subway.

  • Best Healthy Option (Twin Falls Area):  Subway by a landslide

10. Best coffee(National): Starbucks.

  • Best coffee (Twin Falls Area):  Starbucks