When you're a kid you know what you like and little Phoebe really likes animals! Phoebe is battling a brain tumor and has found that the easiest way to ease the pain and take her mind off the sickness is interacting with animals.

Phoebe has a Facebook page where pets (with help from their owners) from all over the world can send notes, pictures, and videos. This is perfect because you know your pet is adorable and so is this little girl - and together you can help make each of her days a little more bright. You can also send snail mail pictures and messages -

Miss Phoebe Louise Dooley
14260 W Newberry Road #196
Newberry, FL 32669-2765

Email your pictures, videos, and notes to Phoebe at phoebelouisedooley@gmail.com or post them on Phoebe’s Friends FB page!

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