The family of a Vietnam Veteran buried in Buhl is seeking information about a specially made Army headstone marker that apparently was forcibly removed from above his final resting place.

There are some acts in life that are so beyond disrespectful that they fill us with both sadness and indignation. This is one of those circumstances.

My father is a veteran of the same war, and to think someone would desecrate his headstone by removing the branch symbol for which he sacrificed his safety for this country, is just simply a cowardly and treasonous act, one of which I liken to spitting on a service member's grave.

Larry Edward Holloway
Larry Edward Holloway

"The theft has hit us hard," said Cara Holloway Skinner, one of three daughters of Larry Edward Holloway, who enlisted in the Army in 1969. "It is so disrespectful to my father and the sacrifices he made for this country. It's difficult to accurately explain how painful it is to see his headstone in this condition."

Photo by Cara Holloway
Photo by Cara Holloway

Larry Edward Holloway spent two years in Vietnam before being honorably discharged a combat vet in 1971. He, and his wife of 47 years, Mary Meyers Holloway, both graduated from Buhl High School. Larry passed away in 2017.

The theft happened from the West End Cemetery, in Buhl, sometime between Memorial Day and June 15, 2019. The cemetery has been fully cooperative in trying to help the Holloway family.

Larry with grandson in DC at the Vietnam Wall   (Cara Holloway)

"My father often said he was not a hero, and struggled when people thanked him for his service," said Cara. "He felt the true heroes were the men that didn't make it home."

If you have information about the theft of Larry Edward Holloway's veteran emblem from the West End Cemetery, please contact Cara Holloway, at 740-336-5691.

From everyone here at Townsquare Media, thank you Larry Edward Holloway for your service to our country. You are indeed a hero, and no missing piece of your headstone will ever change that.