This coronavirus pandemic is really helping a lot of people realize who the real heroes are in this world. While there are many actors and sports legends doing good things with their fame and money to help fight to virus and support those in need, the real heroes are the ones working each day in the actual battle. Our hospital heroes, local law enforcement, emergency responders, and our children's teachers. Even those working the cash registers at stores, making sure we all can have the items we need, are the real heroes.

There are great tributes happening each day to show our support and appreciation of these newfound heroes. Just a few weekends ago, Twin Falls held a beautiful (and loud) Honking For Heroes event at the hospital. In Pennsylvania they added in a more technology based presentation to say thank you by using drones. Check it out below:

That is such an awesome tribute. My wife is a nurse and is in constant contact with COVID-19 patients. That is one of the main reasons I have been doing my radio show from my closet for the last month and not going to the radio station. Every day she, and all the other hospital workers, goes to the hospital she is risking her health to help those in pain.

Another really cool video just came out for the champions of this coronavirus fight, from the performers of the greatest champions song. Queen is showing love for us all in their cover of their own song, but with a twist.

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