Spring is basically here so get off the couch and enjoy your backyard!  If you need some help making your backyard better, I've got some ideas for you.

Wall - Remodelista.com | Dog2 - Bill Greenblatt, Getty Images | Chess - Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

The other day my husband said to me, "I need a project."  I guess I've been slacking on my honey do list.

So, he took it upon himself to build us a small patio and placed a lovely table with an umbrella on it.  Fine with me.  I prefer to skip whatever horrible show is on television in order to sit outside in our backyard with a beer.  Plus, the dog loves playing outside...as long as he stays away from skunks that is.

What's next?  Honestly, I'd love a fire pit and an outdoor kitchen, just to start.  :-)  My husband wants to build a doggy agility course for Wiley but I have my doubts.

Here are some ideas for you:

Create a Dog Agility Course in Your Backyard or Garden

Photo by Bill Greenblatt/Getty Images

We have a cow dog named Wiley and truly he is a smart dog, however his only motivations in life are peanut butter, ice cream and chips.  So I'm not sure if our dog would actually use this or not.  Either way it would be entertaining.

Details on how to make your own HERE.

Construct a Small, Backyard Climbing Wall


Rock climbing walls not only look cool but they are also fun and a great work out.

Details on how to get your own HERE.

Giant Chess

Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

Who hasn't wanted to feel like you are surrounded by giants?  I know I have.  You can live out your Alice in Wonderland fantasy and create your own giant chess game.

Details how to do it HERE.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen


I LOVE to cook and I love to drink a beer outside, an outdoor kitchen combines both of my loves.  If I had one of these bad boys, I'd tape my own fake cooking show.  Sad I know.

Find out how to make your own HERE.

Wall Fountains


I love the sound of water...as long as I don't have to pee, but usually I love it.  The sound of water is just plain relaxing.

Learn how to make your own water fountains in your backyard HERE.

What luxuries do you want in your backyard to enjoy this spring?  Sound off in the comments below.