OK - This should be fun! Now that it is summer and some of us have more free time or later bed times we may fill some of that time with a movie. I have found myself going through lists of movies trying to find something worth watching. Sometimes I fail. The other day I thought I would watch Congo from 1995 because I had never seen it. Wow. I skipped half of it and then regretting when it got to the end because I wanted to turn it off and watch something else but by then it was too late to start another movie!

My wife got tricked into a horrible movie at Redbox the other day. She thought she was renting the new Snow White movie Mirror Mirror...instead she rented Snow White - A Deadly Summer. It was actually worse that the one that had Kristen Stewart and way worse than Congo.

Other horrible movies that you may be tempted to watch are The Reality Of Love - just because it has Bradley Cooper and Jason Priestley in it does not mean it is good. I have also heard that the new movie I, Frankenstein was bad...but I still want to see it. A Million Ways To Die In The West was voted as pretty dumb. Bug was a pretty big disappointment according to our secretary here. And pretty much every Godzilla movie in the last 20 years has been bad.

What is the worst movie you have ever seen? Share yours in the comments and invite your friends to share also. It might actually be fun to watch one of these horrible movies with a group of friends to make fun of it! Or you could always flash back to the best movies of the 80's!