It is interesting to me to watch Christmas movies where the presents are all under the Christmas tree days in advance and there are kids running around the house - and nobody is peeking to see what they're getting. I call baloney! I have 4 kids and if I were to put the presents under the tree there would be no surprises on Christmas morning! When should you put Christmas presents under the tree? Does it matter the age of the kid or is it just teaching them not to touch?

In my house we wait until about Christmas Eve. That is the day that works for us. I've talked with some friends this year who say they are 'testing it out' and putting the presents out now to see if their kids have any self control.

I know my kids don't have that superpower - if they see the presents I'd give them 5 minutes of alone time before they start peeking. I'd rather just wait and not have to reprimand one of them for peeking.