Have you always wanted to go on a cruise but could never find the time or the money? Well, maybe something good can come out of this pandemic for you then. Royal Caribbean and other cruise ships have been given the OK to begin preparations to sail again. To help prepare, Royal Caribbean is looking to perform a few test runs with real passengers to make sure their COVID-19 protocols and safety measures are going to work. Maybe the pandemic has you stuck at home with loads of extra time but not loads of money, then this could be the perfect pick-me-up for the year. The cruise ship company is looking for volunteers to take out on the high seas. Yes, you'll volunteer and not get paid but you will get a free cruise out of it.

I've been off and on about going on a cruise my whole life. Some days it sounds like it would be the coolest thing ever and other days I'm certain that I would rather just head to California and sit on the beach for a week.

If a free cruise to help test virus risk during a pandemic sounds like a party to you, MSN has the details on the cruise ships' plans for the future. The Royal Caribbean Blog site also has links to the form you'll need to fill out if interested in volunteering to go on a trial cruise.

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