An unidentified flying object was reported recently by two residents in northern Idaho who were sitting in their jacuzzi at the time.

The incident occurred February 2, 2019, in Sandpoint, Idaho, at approximately 6 p.m. It was dark at the time of the sighting, and stars were not visible due to cloud coverage, according to the details posted by the National UFO Reporting Center.

The object was described as "yellow and oblong, with no tail." Witnesses reported seeing it in the sky for only a brief period of time, approximately one minute according to the report. The object didn't produce any sound, and was further described as resembling the color of a "campfire." No lights were seen blinking either.

The two witnesses also said they were able to get a good look at it because it traveled below cloud cover, in a north heading direction. The center documented the sighting the following morning, on February 3, at 11:26 a.m.

Sandpoint is located in northern Idaho, 625 miles northwest of Twin Falls. For information on more recent sightings click here.

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