Critics of Brad Little, please know it could be worse.  Idaho’s Republican Governor isn’t trawling for votes among the woke mob.  His Republican counterpart in Utah is another matter.  Spencer Cox once posted a video where he offered his preferred pronouns.  For the time being, he still identifies as a guy.  I’ve known Little for a decade.  “Rugged” is a good description.  Cox comes across as a fellow who got stuffed into a few too many lockers when in school.  Time magazine praises him for being a red state Governor and getting in touch with his feelings.

There’s a small cabal of politicians in Idaho who identify as Main Street Republicans.  In a recent newspaper column, they denounced outsiders while professing admiration for Cox, a Governor from another state.  Cox is behind a political movement called “disagree better”.  What the heck does that mean?  If he wants civil discourse, then simply ask people to remain polite.  The Utah Republican hasn’t come up with anything profoundly new.

I do know there are Idaho Republicans who support this Main Street caucus.  One of them scolded a member of a separate faction at the state party convention last year.  “Well, I hope you take good care of our party,” she said after the other faction had taken control.

What these people mean is they aren’t interested in sharing power as the party changes at the grassroots.  So much for civility.

This isn’t about getting along.  It’s about one side setting the rules to regain a stranglehold on the discourse.  Oh, and maybe they can all state their pronouns at the next party meeting.  Like liberals!

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