BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- More than 45 vehicles have crashed in a massive traffic crash on Interstate-84 involving a logging truck.

Multiple injuries have been reported. Idaho State Police says 46 vehicles were involved and so far 10 people have been transported to the hospital. The severity of the injuries are not yet known, but one law enforcement official described the scene as a "war zone." Idaho State Police says it's currently counting the number of vehicles involved. There have been no reports of any fatalities.

An Idaho Press-Tribune reporter, Justin Dalme, who said he saw the crash, saw the logging truck and multiple vehicles involved. "It was a massive train reaction," Dalme said. "I kept seeing car after car involved in the was an eerie scene out there." KBOI 2News reporter Scott Logan said he's never seen a crash like it. One man has been trapped in a vehicle for more than an hour.