Zombie dancing in Boise is a thing. And, it's been a thing for the past 7 years. Who knew?!? The next big zombie dance is happening Saturday, October 29 starting around 4 pm.

It's called "Thrill The World Boise" and it's basically everyone in Boise taking part in a huge recreation of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. Well, not everyone in Boise. But, I would prefer to imagine that everyone in Boise stops whatever it is they do in Boise and dances.

As much as I enjoy giving Boise a hard time, this is actually pretty impressive. Check this out.

Here's part of the performance from last year.

I've heard there are rehearsals that take place before the actual main event on October 29. The easiest way to stay up-to-date is keep a close (zombie) eye on the Thrill The World Boise Facebook page.