If you're wondering why your Internet is slow -- first off, you're not crazy.  There's a good chance it is actually slower than you thought it would be.  The Wall Street Journal reported on a story and found that most Internet speeds are significantly slower than advertised by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

**You'll never guess which state ranks the lowest.**  As Gizmodo puts it, "It sure sucks to live in Idaho."

Speedtest.net compiled information for 800 US cities and Idaho Falls and Pocatello were among the lowest of the low... in that, uh, they WERE the lowest of the low.  Like, the bottom two.

Wall Street Journal, Speedtest.net
Wall Street Journal, Speedtest.net

That said, some of the commenters on WSJ were skeptical of the original source test's accuracy:

The results above were provided by Speedtest.com that requires FLASH to operate. I recommend another national testing site: TestMy.Net. because it does NOT require FLASH. I had always been a bit suspicious of any site that requires FLASH and found it confirmed on the TestMy.Net site. It is intuitive to me that the use of FLASH has to incur some overhead that would require an adjustment of some kind to the raw measured result. 

Another commenter said there are other factors at play than just the ISP:

Keep in mind that your Internet access speed is only one part of the puzzle. For example, if you hook up a 6″ pipe to a 1″ supply, you cannot expect to see a 6″ volume of water coming out the other end. If the site that you are accessing has a 1Mb upload speed, then your 34Mb FIOS connection can only pull at 1Mb adn that is what you will see. It does not matter that your Ferrari can achieve 200+ mph if you are stuck in 30 mph traffic.

Is your Internet speed slower than you thought it would be?  If so, here's contact info for some of the major Internet Service Providers in Twin Falls:

CenturyLink and 1 877-348-9007.