BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The driver of a Boise city bus faces a misdemeanor charge of negligent driving after the bus veered off the road and crashed into a building.

Officers say there's evidence 59-year-old driver Fantangia Moala was driving while drowsy and appeared to have his eyes closed prior to the Jan. 6 crash.

Nine people were on the ValleyRide bus when it plowed through a parking lot at 6:30 a.m. and slammed into the Idaho Power headquarters in downtown Boise. The bus stopped with its front wheels hanging over an underground loading area.

The bus damaged cars, street signs and trees before hitting the building.

At the time, a city transit official said the driver reported the brakes failed and he swerved to avoid traffic in front of him.

There is no phone listing for Moala in Boise.