4 Halloween Tips For Pet Safety
The day of terror has arrived! I think that there are really two days that drive our pets insane. 4th of July with the fireworks and Halloween with all the random and loud strangers. Here are four Halloween tips for pet safety.
Are Female Halloween Costumes Too Sexy [POLL]
I have actually seen articles this year for Halloween for Sexy Ebola Nurse, Sexy Pizza Slice, Sexy Muppet, and all they do is make a small/revealing dress or mini skirt with a picture on it or ahead piece that sort of ties into the costume idea.
Should Overweight Kids Get Candy On Halloween? [POLL]
Halloween serves three purposes for a kid: You get to stay up late, dress in a costume, and eat a ton of candy. It is such a simple holiday to kids, yet there are people who want to make it more than that. Should overweight kids get candy on Halloween?

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