Idaho Town Names According To Urban Dictionary
It is pretty crazy what the rest of America thinks of Idaho! I was reading a story from earlier this year that we ran and it was talking about the Urban Dictionary definition of Twin Falls. I figured since Twin had such an interesting urban definition why not see how the rest of Idaho fares.
Top 7 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2016
2015 was a great year for movies. Some were great like Star Wars : The Force Awakens, Ant-Man, and Minions. Then there were movies we hated and forgot I'll remind you of them now. Mortdecai, Hot Pursuit, and Jem and the Holograms.
Is Christmas Shoes The Saddest Christmas Song
That picture right there is a sight I see when The Christmas Shoes song plays on the radio. Ever single day.
Sure at first listen the song is a sad one...but then if you really think about it the sad part is that the kid should be with his mom.

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