Your TV is Recording Everything You Say
Lots of technology comes with voice recognition. Our smart phones all include voice text. Our cars let you give voice commands for navigation and hands-free phone calls.
Happy Valentine’s Day – Is Your Relationship Solid
When I was young and dating, Valentine's Day was one of the scariest days of the year because I am so bad at making plans and I'm definitely not a romantic Prince Charming. I always worried if the day would live up to the expectations of the girl I was dating at the time - belated sorry to…
Five Tips For Flying With a Toddler
I'm so excited to visit my family in Florida! This will be my son's first trip to the sunshine state. Here's the only thing, how do I keep a toddler entertained on an eight-hour plane ride?
What Are Your Expectations For Valentine’s Day [POLL]
Love is in the air...mixed with a small amount of terror as couples try to plan memorable Valentine's Day activities that won't end in disaster. I know being in love can be hard, so why do we make it even harder by having 1 day each year that forces us to try our hardest. Only to realize t…

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