Sweet Pics From The Magic Valley Camera Club (PHOTOS)
One of the only reasons that I continue to tolerate Facebook is the Magic Valley Camera Club. This group is a breath of fresh air in the middle of all the political mudslinging, drama kings and queens and people sharing what they're having for dinner.
Shoshone Falls Rocks Even Without All The Water (VIDEO)
Shoshone Falls is known as the 'Niagara of the West' with one caveat. It requires that a ton of water be present before it becomes its awesome self. But, even when the flow hasn't really kicked in thanks to winter, irrigation or whatever, it's still pretty great.
Can You Help Solve These Magic Valley Cold Cases? (PHOTOS)
There's only one thing that is worse than having a loved one missing or murdered. And, that's not having any closure knowing where their body is or who committed the crime. East Idaho Cold Cases is a website that has been created to try and solve these cases which have no resolution.
Idaho Falls Is A Little Bit Frozen
In Twin Falls, we appreciate a good waterfall. Sure, we love Shoshone Falls, but we also love the waterfalls in Idaho Falls. Thanks to the most recent cold snap, the waterfalls in Idaho Falls are a bit frozen. Actually, they are very frozen.

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