Marathons In Idaho
I hear it all the time, "there's nothing to do in Idaho". Well, that defiantly isn't the case if you are a runner or want to become a runner.
Crazy Southern Idaho Kayakers
Southern Idaho has more waterfalls than you would think. Nobody knows this better than Idaho kayakers.
These brave souls see parts of Idaho from an entirely different perspective. They explore southern Idaho rivers, streams gorges, damns, etc...
2016 Magic Valley Free Fishing Days
Some people use the warm weather as an excuse to stay inside with the cold air blowing non-stop. Others use this time of year to get outside and enjoy nature… which can also be relaxing and fun. Here is a free way to get outside with your family and learn to fish and maybe catch dinner.
How To Play Basketball In Facebook Messenger
Technically this week should really be awesome. It is spring break! But there is so much cold wind blowing through the Magic Valley that unless you took a real vacation you are just stuck inside with your kids (probably going insane).
Idaho Fish and Game Yearly Update
Kelton Hatch joins us once a month from Idaho Fish and Game. One thing I notice when he’s in studio is the voices of the listening audience. I generally get an entirely different group from the usual daily callers. There are a great many regular guests we see and I consider them all …
Sports & Business: Do You Know Jack?
Sport and business aren’t always apt metaphors. Success in one doesn’t always guarantee greatness in the other. An example would be Daniel Snyder’s ownership of the Washington Redskins, however. You can still find many qualities that make great sportsm…
How Much Would You Spend on Super Bowl Tickets? [POLL]
Most of us would agree that attending a Super Bowl game would be amazing! But how much money would you spend on that experience? Justin Kerrigan, a Bronco fan featured in the above youtube video, spent over $21,000.00 on the game and asked the local TV station to please not tell his wife.

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